About X-FIRE

Our Purpose - X-FIRE serves to bring excellent quality and value to the First Responder, EMS, LE, Industrial, Infrastructure, etc. communities.  We looked at what equipment was available and felt we could do better.

Why X-FIRE?  X-FIRE is a family business located in Seattle, Washington, minutes from the Salish Sea and a short drive from the rugged Cascade Mountains.  Seattle is an outdoorsperson’s paradise!  After an extensive career spent doing Product Development in the Seattle Outdoor Industry, creating amazing products for brands like MSR, Thermarest, Sealline, PackTowl, and Platypus Hydration, our Founder, Darren Pinne, set out looking for a way to make a positive impact of his own.  When Covid hit he decided to focus on supporting First Responders and others who fulfill such critical needs in our communities – the unsung heroes who wear radios every day and truly rely on their gear.  He felt his First Responder and mountaineering equipment development backgrounds would bring a fresh perspective to a category dominated by cheaply-constructed product sold by people who don't care about what they sell.

Who are X-FIRE?  Prior to his decades of managing product development in the Outdoor Industry and pursuing extreme outdoor sports, our Founder Darren Pinne was a ‘ground pounder’ and Operations Manager on the Marin County, CA, Search and Rescue team.  He spent many long nights racing through the woods and mountains searching for lost hikers or working in the ‘Overhead Tent’ drawing up search plans. These included mutual-aid calls to surrounding counties as well supporting Yosemite National Park’s SAR team.  He knows the ‘joys’ of carrying a radio and that equipment must perform.  As mentioned, X-FIRE is a family business and our family includes current and retired Firefighters in addition to an advisory board and extended family of non-family Firefighters, EMTs, Search and Rescue and Ski Patrol personnel. 

How do we do it?  We design our product in Seattle and have it built to our exacting standards at a state-of-the-art factory in (US Ally) Vietnam.  Our factory is extremely well managed and has a long history of making equipment for NATO soldiers and the British Police, consistently delivering military-spec. quality in everything they build.  We pass all designs through a critical review process before we launch them and continually refine them.  Continuous Improvement is one of our core values.  We greatly value your input as well - please do not hesitate to drop us a line if you have ideas about how we can improve our products.  Your satisfaction is our highest goal!

Stay healthy Folks!